Luxury means different things to different people, and as a result it has a great many definitions, but for us luxury is a concept of living that is represented in the environment we create, the ambience that flows from it and the quality of life made possible.

As specialist luxury developers our job is to provide the canvas for such a quality of life and allow the individual homeowners to fill in the details that suit their own needs.

As part of this we create sumptuous new homes that represent the pinnacle in their genre and era, and we enable our clients to have the final say and follow their own vision when it comes to fitting kitchens, bathrooms and other important living spaces.

The knowledge that you can enjoy total privacy and security within this exclusive gated community sets the tone for a carefree lifestyle, with 24-hour manned security and advanced systems making your C8NCEPT villa your own personal domain.

Our concept does not allow for mediocre architecture, so we donít hide behind modern or minimalist tags but design homes to be unique, aesthetically outstanding, practical and enduring in their appeal Ė as well as inspiring to live in.

The finest qualities are selected by our skilled and experienced team, from solid and durable construction materials to interior textures and tones that add style and comfort to your everyday surroundings.

Exclusive homes and the luxury amenities that the latest technologies make possible are no longer an extra in this standard of property. By applying the most advanced solutions we not only ensure your home has every modern comfort, but also that it is functional and convenient.

  • State-of-the-art security system
  • Home automation
  • Advanced energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that are environment-friendly


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