A Lifestyle Concept

After so many years creating luxury homes for a discerning clientele we know that it is about more than simply delivering a house.

Much more, in fact, for when our clients look at properties to buy it isn’t just about the house, its rooms, amenities and square metres, but about the lifestyle that comes with it. Above all, people choose a certain home in a certain location to fulfil a lifestyle desire, and nowhere is this more so than in Marbella, a town whose very setting, climate and exciting cosmopolitan nature make it so desirable.

Lifestyle is at the heart of the concept that has given shape to these luxurious residences and the private, highly secure community they form.

It starts with a location that offers it all – peace, security, views, exclusivity and easy access to all amenities – and continues in refined architectural design that makes a statement of style.

However, within the C8NCEPT villas the interior styling and layout are as important as the exterior lines, ensuring the visual seduction that begins as you approach the property continues indoors, within your own private domain.

For this reason the eight C8NCEPT residences enjoy luxurious, tasteful and comfortable interiors, offering space, open plan distribution and also intimate spaces designed for both peaceful relaxation and stylish entertaining.

This concept flows on into the outdoor living areas, designed to provide a continuum of refined design and comfort whilst offering inspiring views that form the backdrop to a unique quality of life in Lomas de Marbella Club.



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